Reliable engineering
takes many forms

It is in the qualified and motivated people to bet on a career of great success, that Albatroz Engenharia puts the highest expectations for the achievement of its objectives.

Available jobs

Albatroz Engenharia is a Research, Development and Innovation company dedicated to the areas of robotics,
aeronautics, artificial intelligence. Founded in 2006, it is dedicated to creating customized solutions for
engineering in its areas of competence, having had most of its turnover abroad for more than a decade.
The company has an office in Lisbon and a hub in Castelo Branco, the latter focused on unmanned aviation.
Since 2020, Albatroz seeks to adapt to changes in work regimes, offering the option of
hybrid work, face-to-face and remote, for team members who wish to do so.


For Albatroz Engenharia, the link between training and professional experience throughout life guarantees:

  • To achieve innovative solutions;
  • Discover new markets;
  • And contribute to the personal motivation of professionals involved in the area of development and research.

The practical application of these principles is reflected, among other activities, in short-term professional internships (2 to 6 months) in the following internships programs: IAESTE e IST Summer Interships.

The internships promoted by Albatroz Engenharia are always appropriate to the competences of the trainees selected and framed in real challenges, according to the ongoing research projects.

The themes of the respective internships will be defined in conjunction with the trainee’s educational establishment/internship program and according to the specific needs of Albatroz.

Application conditions:

  • Applications through IAESTE and IST Summer Internships.
  • The costs of staying and traveling are the responsibility of the trainee (or the internship program).
  • The trainee must have at least one of the following languages (Portuguese, English).
  • The duration of the internships (depending on the proposed area) is at least 6 weeks and at most 6 months.
  • Internships are remunerated.

Albatroz and the Universities

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