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Data Analysis

Data obtained from HELIX 300, HELIX 200 or TRAX 300 systems can be processed and analyzed by our Data Analysis Department.

This service is available to Albatroz Engenharia customers, allowing to offer integrated and complete solutions for the collection and subsequent treatment and analysis of sensors data from missions executed by the products developed by the company.

With the use of software developed for this purpose, our department is able to identify in an efficient way the points of interest of the data collected, namely:

  • Detection of vegetation near the line or obstacles using LiDAR data (“Track Clearance”);
  • Damage in line elements based on the analysis of collected video images;
  • Detection of thermographic defects in the insulators through infrared camera images.

Choose an outsourcing solution to analyze the data collected by Albatroz Engenharia products.

The Department is highly qualified in the treatment and analysis of defects and anomalies, adapting itself to the customer requirements regarding the criteria of analysis and subsequent reporting.

Our team already has over 350.000 km’s of electric lines inspected, having already managed to analyze, in just one year, more than 30.000 km’s.