Reliable engineering
takes many forms


HELIX 300 is an aircraft airworthy equipment able to collect sensors data during flight. The equipment has a 360º LiDAR scanning capability for object detection, cameras operating in the visible and infrared spectrum, and an inertial navigation system with GPS positioning.

HELIX 300 was designed to detect physical anomalies in power lines, however the equipment can be adapted and/or modified according to customer requirements, for example, for survey of the ground morphology or photogrammetry.
The equipment interface software can be optimized and adjusted according to the needs and requirements of the customer’s mission.

One of the great advantages of this system is the ability to provide in real time to the operator, the distance to ground and distance to obstacles / objects, such as electric lines or trees, allowing to improve the operator situational awareness.

The system is installed on an aircraft support with STC and can be delivered with EASA Form 1 certificate. The aircraft support with the corresponding STC can be made available by Albatroz Engenharia.