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Albatroz at JAC’s – ENA 2023 – UBI Covilhã

15 May 2023by admin

We were pleased to participate on the 15th of May at the Covilhã Aeronautical Conferences (JAC’s) as part of ENA 2023 – a meeting organized by AEROUBI, at UBI aeronautical campus.
Albatroz’s UAS operations team, based in Castelo Branco, shared with Aeronautical Engineering students their experience in the assembly and parameterization of open source flight controllers for unmanned aircraft.
Our goal was to show how unmanned aircraft offer the best sandbox for students interested in taking their creative ideas beyond simulation, reaching new flight levels. Every real system brings new challenges which often dominate over the challenge students are asked to solve and the role of the engineer is to establish the best compromise that meets conflicting challenges.
We hope that the presentation of this theme has inspired the interest in discovering these technological solutions which represent the future – and the present! – to air mobility and brings an innovative range of solutions for agriculture, industry and services.
Albatroz Engenharia, a member of APANT – Associação Portuguesa de Aeronaves Não Tripuladas, was also present at the ENA – Air Festival in Castelo Branco Municipal Aerodrome (LPCB).