Reliable engineering
takes many forms

Environmental Care

Understanding of Environmental Impact

Every member of the Albatroz Engenharia team, regardless of their level of responsibility, conscientiously assesses the repercussions of their decisions and actions on the environment. These individual environmental impact assessments are the basis for an organizational approach in protecting the best interests of the environment throughout every phase of all Albatroz Engenharia projects.

Albatroz Engenharia and its members are committed to complying with the all applicable environmental legislation in every field of operation.

Optimization of Resources

Economic use of natural resources in conjunction with the elimination or reduction of wastes and by-products are a factor in project cost analyses and consequently influence the sustainable profitability of Albatroz Engenharia.

Integration of Environmental Responsibility in the Engineering

In addition to design, development, production, marketing of solutions and providing services, Albatroz Engenharia performs environmental impact analyses of their projects. These analyses are concluded, whenever possible, in collaboration with clients, partners and suppliers.

Relevant evaluation criteria include the technical, economic and environmental aspects throughout the entire product life cycle.

Evaluation and Improvement of Practices

According to the internal continual improvement plan, Albatroz Engenharia considers the environmental impact of its internal practices while as a service or a customized solution provider.

In the event of needed improvement on behalf of the Albatroz Engenharia team, an increase in performance is achieved through training and constant re-evaluation.

Third Party Dialogue

Albatroz Engenharia promotes an open policy of information regarding the environmental impact of its activities with clients, suppliers, pertinent authorities and other interested parties.