Reliable engineering
takes many forms

Asset Management

The high competition and the intensive use of assets in the energy industry force companies in this sector to adopt policies to improve their resources management in order to make them more efficient throughout their life time . Regardless of their success in that endeavour, every grid operator is now asked to push the use of existing lines until the limits of safety. . 

Electrical grid operators often take different approaches in testing equipment, estimating the lifetime and financial costs of a range of equipment maintenance options, and also reporting on the performance of their system.  Generating an unbalanced equilibrium between quality of service and maintenance and operations costs.

Albatroz Engenharia designed a solution to solve this problem. 

Grid Intelligence Optimisation (GIO) is Albatroz Engenharia’s answer to the utilities’ need to optimise the remaining lifetime of ageing grids while maintaining or improving quality of service. GIO is settled on geo-referenced databases from inspection data (from Albatroz Engineering’s PLMI), third party data (such as meteorology, pedology and edaphology, environment, and forest exploration), land use, SCADA variables, grid planning and project and asset management. 

How it works 

Defining grid maintenance as a cycle of processes that keeps the electrical grid running includes inspection, quality and condition audits and remedial actions. The proposed framework to optimise this cycle features an architecture and a tool set to aggregate data and methods from different sources into a consistent model for grid maintenance.