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OWL 500

How far can your sight reach?

With an ergonomic and light design, the OWL 500 system is a multi-platform mission equipment that can provide LiDAR scanning digital output, video, inertial data and GPS location with a Wi-Fi and GSM (4G) connectivity. Built upon a flexible architecture, OWL 500 system can be optimised according to the customer needs, operation requirements and platform.The system provides integrated services to collect, communicate and analyse information with connectivity in real time, which can be accessible by the operator using only a portable device.

OWL500 was developed to fill a gap in the market where power lines inspection using manned aircraft is not feasible or too expensive.

Data collected from sensors allow the system operator, among other applications, to detect physical anomalies in power lines, in real time.

OWL was designed to be a quite versatile product, able to fulfill a large number of functional requirements, with the possibility to be used in several different aerial or ground mission scenarios.

It can be operated in several moving vectors such as: ground vehicles like automobiles or motorbikes, a person by foot, and principally drones.

This versatility enables this system to be used for 3D modelling of streets, buildings, monuments, historical sites, forests, etc.

This equipment has a 360º LiDAR scanning capability for object detection, two or four 5 MPX cameras , and an inertial navigation system with GPS positioning.

Recently, OWL has also been tested effectively in forest control. It can be used to make the forest inventory, calculate the area of ​​deforestation, the volume of wood and also in fire detection.