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Power Line Inspections

Albatroz Engenharia provides complete and comprehensive solutions for power line inspections (transmission, distribution) and vegetation management. Power line inspections may be aerial (Helix system) or terrestrial (Trax system), both solutions combine advanced robotics and lineman expertise to enhance real-time fault detection. Utilities or service companies will find modular solutions designed according to their needs that empowers line inspectors to perform all types of inspection every day.

Albatroz Engenharia has been working with overhead power lines since the beginning of its business. The company is familiar with the many issues affecting overhead networks around the world. This insight enables the company to offer solutions for the operation and maintenance of power lines that fit the needs of individual clients.


– Ensure the safety track using quantitative methods to monitor the clearance (right of way) along the line, line sag and existence of obstacles; 

– Prepare audit reports and analyse the timeline evolution/time line of track; 

– Detect and register all the nonconformities; 

– Distribute immediate information of line condition for dispatch and corrective action followed by information for planning of preventive maintenance.


In 2016 the systems in operation in Europe performed more than 300,000 kilometers of line tracks to ensure measurement function of safety distances.